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Endor is the biggest czech MMORPG based on the Ultima Online engine, with long history, built upon highly customized open source server POL. After years of experience in playing all kinds of online and offline games, we´ve developed an unique experience leveling system with different classes and races, hundreds of new spells, powerful rituals and a lot of new skills, in which you can start playing right from the very beginning, without the need to macro your skills up. Endor offers ballanced PvM and PvP and a rich world with custom map, where is always something to discover and acquire.

Presentation - screenshots and videos


Here you can find some pictures from the world of Endor, you can also check comparison with other shards. You can download Endor trailer too:

Endor trailer 2006 DivX (153MB)
Medea WMV (352MB) Obrázek ze hry 1 Obrázek ze hry 2

Endor server status

Server status
Last udpate: 24.07. 06:30
Active items: 341884
Accounts: 10172
Number of NPCs: 46264


31.08.2016 11:58 Xardax Newly opened mini-dungeon Skaven's mine - Entrance located somewhere at Golden Mines Village rocks. Please report any potential bugs or issues regarding to this dungeon in a respective section of the forum.